Offshore Construction Locator

Comprehensive market intelligence

ODS-Petrodata's coverage of offshore field development activity pulls together extensive project data and information on this complex segment of the offshore industry.  The online Offshore Construction Locator allows instant access to this extensive data set.

Coverage includes planned and on-going offshore construction projects worldwide: fixed and floating platforms, subsea installations and pipelines.  Field development projects that are under study and new offshore discoveries are included, providing valuable forward intelligence.  In addition, the Offshore Construction Locator gives the current location and contract status of selected major vessels in the global offshore construction vessel fleet.

Updated every business day by ODS-Petrodata's global field development market reporting team, the Offshore Construction Locator provides real-time access to the most up-to-date data available on worldwide field development activity.

In addition to global offshore field development market coverage, ODS-Petrodata offers a suite of products and services focusing on offshore support and seismic vessels; offshore rig activity; offshore wells and more.  With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, ODS-Petrodata is also uniquely positioned to support the offshore oil and gas industry's market intelligence needs with customized consulting and research services.

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