Gulf of Mexico Rig Locator

Comprehensive market intelligence

ODS-Petrodata's Gulf of Mexico Rig Locator is recognized across the offshore industry as the original, most comprehensive and impartial offshore mobile rig locator for the US Gulf of Mexico rig market.

This online search application is designed to enable straightforward access to the very latest real-time location and contract information for the US Gulf of Mexico mobile rig fleet. Backed by ODS-Petrodata's 30-plus years of data collection experience, Gulf of Mexico Rig Locator is a comprehensive search tool specifically designed to meet the needs of users who need to keep track of current up-to-date rig locations and contract data specifically in the US Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to comprehensive, global offshore rig market coverage, including its premium products RigBase and RigPoint, ODS-Petrodata offers a suite of products and services focusing on offshore support, seismic and construction vessels; offshore field development activity; offshore wells; renewable energy, energy industry news and more. With offices in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, ODS-Petrodata is also uniquely positioned to support the offshore oil and gas industry's market intelligence needs with customized consulting and research services.

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