Comprehensive market intelligence

FPSbase is the industry's leading source for timely, comprehensive intelligence on the growing floating production industry.

This powerful, web-based tool enables users to quickly understand and analyze the current state of the market for floating production and storage systems. FPSbase delivers current and future supply and demand data, technical specifications, market analysis and streaming news via a user-friendly web interface.

Updated every business day by ODS-Petrodata's global field development market reporting team, FPSbase saves time, money and manpower that would otherwise be expended researching, collecting, saving and manipulating market intelligence. FPSbase's flexible output can be viewed in tables or graphs, or downloaded for use in popular spreadsheet programs. News searches and queries can be saved and scheduled to run at pre-defined intervals, with the results forwarded by email.

In addition to FPSbase, ODS-Petrodata offers a suite of products and services focusing on offshore support and seismic vessels; offshore rig activity; offshore field development projects; renewable energy, energy industry news and more. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, ODS-Petrodata is also uniquely positioned to support the offshore oil and gas industry's market intelligence needs with customized consulting and research services.

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